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BVI Pilots Community Chat, Beta

Welcome to the BVI Pilots community chat, a place for blind / visually impaired flight simmers and friends to talk and find out about group flights / similar events. Our community platform is based on the Matrix communication standard, this is unlike our previous channels which were hosted on WhatsApp and Discord. While this means you will need to get used to a new app for chatting on the server, this approach offers lots of great advantages such as the following:

  • Truly open community, anyone can easily join without having to ask a group admin for an invitation link or similar.
  • Privacy focused, a username and password is all you need to register, no need to disclose your phone number to all community members as is the case with WhatsApp.
  • Premium-quality voice messages, voice messages have been the predominant way of communicating in our WhatsApp groups they are fully supported by our new platform with much better audio quality.
  • Support for topic-focused rooms, making it easier to separate conversations and keep track of important information such as event announcements.
  • Chatbot support, currently we already provide a News & Announcements channel where articles from as well as TFM's blog are being shared automatically making staying up-to-date with what's going on in the community a breeze.

Getting started

Create an account

Head over to, and click the “Create Account” link, a username and password are all that's needed to join, you'll also need to solve a Recaptcha audio challenge which helps prevent spammers from signing up.

Chat from your browser

After registering, you'll already be able to participate in conversations right within your browser, this also includes the ability to send voice messages from your desktop. You'll need to hit the eddit button when signing in and ensure you change from the default matrix server to before creating an account with us on the BVI Pilots server.

Dedicated Element desktop app

If you want a more permanent desktop application for windows then we recommend you download the element desktop application Here

It functions much as the browser version would in terms of it’s interface.

Download the Element iOS app

Element is a messaging app that can be used to connect to our server directly from your iPhone. The app is available from the App Store Here. There is also a public beta version available, which can be downloaded through Testflight Here.

Login to the server using the app

1. After downloading Element, open the following link on your iPhone: 2. You should now be prompted to login to the server, follow the instructions and enter the username and password you used when creating your account. 3. The app might ask you to verify the new device log in, in which case you should follow the instructions provided by the app in order to do so.

Logging in from Android

The Element Matrix client is also available for Android, and can be downloaded from Google Play. However, this has not been tested by our community at the time of this writing, and so we cannot speak to the exact steps of the login process or, most importantly, the accessibility of the app. If you are using Element on Android, we'd love to hear from you so we can improve this section with better instructions.

Share your feedback

This new project is currently in beta, so there may be issues along the way when joining or using Matrix. If you do encounter any such issues, we'd love for you to share your feedback with us, either on the server directly or using our contact form in case you are having difficulties signing up.

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