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Welcome to BVI virtual, the airline created by blind pilots. We have a vast fleet all around the world and put on frequent events on the vatsim network. We run our airline on FS airlines, so if you are interested in joining to fly with us, create an account at FS Airlines home page.

Select BVI Virtual from the list of available airlines to join.

Please read the below policy in full

It is expected that you will ask any questions after reading this document in the relevant groups. Completing the training flights is a declaration that you have read and understand this document. Ignorance of these policies will not be accepted.


All new pilots must complete the two training flights in the set locations. They must receive 100 per cent ratings to be promoted. Pilots must complete at least one flight every 3 months to remain active, but the airline encourages pilots to undertake more flights as this is only a minimum. Pilots who do not undertake at least one flight in three months will be demoted to training and must complete the training flights again to become active members. 

Online network rules

When flying on online ATC networks, which is not a requirement, pilots must use the code of BVI, and the verbal callsign of 'vision'. We ask that when flying on any network, please keep things as professional as possible, meaning we will not tolerate airline members taking a bad attitude with controllers, or using their visual impairment as an excuse for being unable to use software correctly. We similarly expect controllers to accommodate our pilots to the best of their ability, I.E providing a place in the traffic cue for our pilots to reposition. We thank whole-heartedly controllers for their work. Note that the Vision callsign is approved for use on the Pilot Edge network, but you will need to request permissions to be added to your account from the Pilot Edge staff before you are able to reposition to runways. We advise you to briefly explain the need to reposition within your flightplan remarks on networks such as vatsim, and include the callsign in the remarks for controllers who may have software that does not correctly show our identifier.


Problematic flights

No pilot, having a flight where unusual events have taken place E.G crash-landing, wrong airport penalty ETC, must submit their flight on the fs airlines client. They must press alt f4 to ensure the flight is not submitted and the airline is not penalised for the lack of flying skills on the part of the pilot. Continued submissions of problematic flights, including landings over -1000 FPM or even, in worst-case scenarios, wrong airport penalties, will be removed from the airline due to the disruption caused for other pilots, which includes but is not limited to the need for frequent repairs and the unavailability of aircraft due to pilot error. To check a flight after landing, a pilot should:

Stop on the runway without setting the parking brake.

Tab over to the fs airlines client

Use screen review mode with nvda

Arrow down to the bottom section of the client

Review the section labelled penalties/events.

If no penalties are observed, and the landing V/S is acceptable, hit end flight.

If penalties such as wrong airport or hard landing are observed, Alt F4 the client and retry the flight.

Hard landings will only be accepted if they are below -1000 FPM and there is a particular reason, such as unavailability of an ILS approach, or freeware aircraft made the situation unavoidable.

Pilots who land overweight by a substantial amount (a couple hundred pounds is fine) will cost the airline. Any pilot who receives a negative income for the airline due to mistakes on their part must make donations to the airline to give this money back. This thus comes out of their category payments, and must be made continually until the debt is paid back. If necessary, the airline reserves it's right to cut a pilots salary. The airline also reserves it's right to ground a pilot who continuedly makes mistakes, or remove them completely from the pilot listings. Any pilot who is grounded must retake the training flights to prove their air-worthiness. Pilots must be competent in flying the aircraft they choose, E.G have a general idea of it's characteristics, remember that no one aircraft type is the same and to assume so will leave you open to error. Note that any actions taken by the airline are not personal, or aimed at any individual, but that we are aiming to run the airline as we might run a business and thus must remain profitable and usable for the majority of members. We cannot be held responsible for actions taken to safeguard the airline and the enjoyment of it's members due to either the mistakes of individual pilots, or the attitude of any individual.


Our mission

The last thing we are asking from all pilots, is to have fun. We are glad to have you here with us at Bvi Virtual. We intend to create a fun network of flights for any blind pilot to fly. As such, we purchase many different types of planes, and spread them around the world from Europe to North America and Canada, with room for further expansions. We aim to bring monthly events to you, and ask that you work to enjoy yourselves as well as to benefit the airline.

Safety videos and boarding music

If you wish to use our new safety videos and boarding music in PACx, Self loading cargo or simply to add immersion through an audio player of your choice, download at the following link. BVI Virtual audio download.

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