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Developers we feel are worthy of particular mention for their work in accessability modifications

Talking flight monitor: [Andy Borka] and [Jason Fayre]

TFM's website

Two developers from our own community who need know introduction. Jason began with a simple program to pull the nearest city from geonames. The program, with community input, went from strength to strength, reading instrumentation, providing real time feedback on the aircrafts attitude and position during take-off and landing, and now with the pmdg line-up of aircraft reading the CDU and panels. The almost 30 week project to rebuild the pmdg 737 for p3d and MSFS led to an aircraft that has all exposed elements made accessible. The future of TFM, from the expected support for the 747 and the 777, to the integration with simbrief and the extra support in the form of the keyboard helper,, looks bright and continues to draw on community input.

First officer pro/next: Mathew King

First Officer

This intuitive program has allowed Bvi pilots to fly the pmdg line-up of aircraft with ease particularly before TFM supports all panels of these aircraft. It continues to be widely used as a supporting program both via voice and keyboard to accomplish checklists and flows keeping the aircraft in the correct configuration, something especially useful during busy flights with ATC. The newest features of first officer next, including simbrief integration and the ability to program the FMc for the user, demonstrate further potential. The addon continues to gain support for more aircraft which will no doubt help blind pilots fly once further support is obtained either from other programs or first officer itself.

VPilot: Ross Carlson


The developer in this case ensured that elements within vPilot were clickable and that private message tabs were easily reachable. Thanks to his work Bvi Pilots have enjoyed thousands of hours on vatsim.

Ideal flight: Steve Waite

ideal flight

Steve began before TFM was In it’s current position and implemented many features to support blind pilots. These included the TTS reading instrumentation and increased accessibility within the application itself. This application remains useful for some today and his continued work on automatic taxi functionality is something we are following with interest.

Easy CPDLC: Josh Seagrave

Easy CPDLC project on Github

When, the night before Cross the Pond, Easy CPDLC was first tested, it was discovered that certain elements needed adjusting. During that evening, Josh worked to implement changes, and before we knew it the application was being used on CTP the next day to obtain CPDLC clearances. Whilst improvements are still in the works, the app is certainly usable and is great on longer flights particularly.

AXIS AND OHS Wildfire Training Solutions Inc.

Axis and Oh's is a program which allows for highly customized assignments of joystick / throttle axis and buttons, allowing for more flexibility and much more advanced assignment options compared to what is available in the simulator. Apart from that, the program also contains web FMC implementations for various free and payware aircraft models, which could allow our community to start operating other advanced aircraft models from developers such as Fly by Wire at some point in the future. Several accessibility fixes for the tool are currently under development, once this work has been completed, AAO could well become an invaluable tool for the BVI simming community.

FSUIPC DLL library and SDK: Paul Henty, with the initial program by Pete Dowson

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